I’m trying to configure words together that will be unique to my experiences. Because Jojo’s such a good person, I’m sure she’s been littered with superlatives. That’s the destiny of great people. But I hope I can offer another perspective that only adds to her value. JoJo became family while we worked together, my sister, and I don’t use that word lightly. She supported my process which was rather intense at times, she created an environment for moments of joy and enjoyment. She was a friend on and off set. I had miles to travel as an actor, to reach a truthful place as the character and she very much supported my endeavor and made me feel comfortable, both of us in service to the best outcome. And dare I say it, we arrived at that destination. Jojo i’d like to say thank you for such a memorable experience, the dancing, the sneaky chocolate while I was meant to be on diet, and ensembling such a great team in Sally and the girls. I love you all genuinely. And we’ll always have Yardie and Jamaica. God willing more in the future.

If you happen to be fortunate enough to work with Jojo and her team, jump at the chance. The day I get famous enough, they’ll be my personal team.

All the love

Aml Ameen
Yardie, The Butler, The Maze Runner

Jojo created the look for my character with an understanding of beauty and also psychology. She works quickly, but with real precision and a strong eye for what will look best on my face. She is able to discuss ideas, is open to suggestions, and always has a plan so that the day goes smoothly, even through many changes.

When you come into work in the morning, her trailer is a place where you feel welcomed and taken care of, and when you need to concentrate she creates an environment where an actor can focus. And I have to say she’s also just a smart, fun person and some days on set that’s really needed. I loved working with her, and can’t wait to work with her again.

Piper Perado
Turn up Charlie, Coyote Ugly, Looper, The Prestige

I had the pleasure of working with JoJo on ‘Liar’ for ITV and Sundance TV. Not only is she unbelievably talented and imaginative and a brilliant collaborator, she is undoubtedly one of the nicest and most generous human beings you will ever meet! The relationship between an actor and make up artist requires trust, patience and team work. Jo has all these qualities in abundance and I am very proud and lucky to call her my friend! Wish I could work with her always!”

Liar ITV season 1

Working with Jojo on “Turn Up Charlie” for NETFLIX was a fantastic experience, and if I could choose a team for every job, it would be Jojo’s.
She is ridiculously talented and her attention to detail, over all the artists, was so reassuring. She had clearly thought about my character before we met, and had some fresh, new ideas on changing my look. I trusted her ideas and I think we created a great character. Being mixed race can cause some designers problems, in terms of products and styles, but Jojo and her team are so experienced there was never ever an issue, in fact I learnt from them.
Her make up truck is relaxing, fun and easy, (The playlists alone were outstanding) and was the perfect place to prepare before going on set. Jojo knows how to read her artists, and knows when a chat or quiet is required.
For me the main thing was trust, whether on set, in the chair, or after work, I trust Jojo implicitly

Angela Griffin
Turn up Charlie, Brief Encounters, Lewis

"Of all the make up artists I've had the privilege to know and work with, I've never been more comfortable and well taken care of, than when I was in Joanna's chair. Always a bright smile and engaging conversation.
And when I needed to concentrate on the work, she is always conscious of not only my needs but, the needs of others! I hope to work with her again and again as the opportunity presents!"

Dennis Haysbert
Multi Award Winning actor and Voice Artist Golden Globe, SAG, Satellite and BTVA Awards, - 24, Sin City, Jarhead, Waiting to Exhale

I had the pleasure of working with JoJo on the BBC1 drama UNDERCOVER. I had never worked with her before and now, like loads of other people who have been looked after by her, I’m a big fan. Her work is meticulous and fast. Her knowledge and the application of her techniques are second to none.
When dealing with Black skin it so often the case with some Make Up artists that you are presented on screen feeling a little unhappy with your appearance.
Dealing with models for a shoot - is one thing: Dealing with an actor for a drama, whose face has to subtly change depending on what their character is going through - is entirely another.
JoJo's infectious good humour and care of her team is a wonderful addition to an already impressive skill set. UNDERCOVER was the first time I got to work with her, I know it won’t be the last.

Adrian Lester
Undercover, Hustle, Lawrence Oliver Award Winner

Jo Jo is an extremely calming, fun, loyal and talented make up artist. The work we did together on award winning Dr Foster required a polished look that deteriorated throughout the show and Jo Jo created that beautifully, making it easier to portray a woman in turmoil.
When we knew there was to be a second series the first thing I did was ask for her and her team again.
A truly lovely woman!

Suranne Jones
Multi Award Winning actress - Dr Foster, Scott and Bailey
'Green Lantern' Premiere - Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of working with 'Miss Jo-Jo' recently on Broadchurch Series 2 for ITV. I found her to be a delight to work with. She is extremely professional and met all my needs with a warm friendly air which made the 5am make up call times easy and efficient. Jo created a fantastic atmosphere in the make-up trailer, where everyone's needs were met, and each actor received a personal touch and were made to feel special. She went out of her way to get products which suited each individual along with soothing sound tracks! When working in the UK in future she will definitely be my go to person, if of course she is available! Needless to say she is in constant demand. I would more than recommend her for anyone with any skin type she's a magician!



Just wanted to say that for any serious "thesp" the make-up room is probably the most important place on any gig - in there the tone for the whole day is set.
So apart from your top work - you provided a great, calm space to start the day - thanks to YOU and all your girls for making it the best place to be :)

See you at BAFTA Lovie!

David Schofield
Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Gladiator

I've worked with Jo twice now, once on an independent feature film called 'Convenience' & an 8 part TV series called 'Broadchurch' for ITV.
Both these jobs were extremely different, challenging & fast paced but I have to say she stood out from most, showing she had everything under control & always has a smile on her face.
Not only is Jo extremely talented at what she does but is continually trying new things & wanting to create something extra special. Jo is really approachable, good fun & calming. She always took a lot of interest with ideas I had & helped to put them to life.
I can't wait to work with Jo again!

Vicky McClure
(This is England(Bafta) /Line of Duty/True Love)
British Comedy Awards - Arrivals

I worked with Jo on Broadchurch, and she recently did my make-up for The Comedy Awards 2012, she's utterly lovely, and she even managed to make me feel lovely! I'd like her to move in next door, then I could beg her to sort my chops out everyday!

Olivia Colman
Bafta winner 2013 - (Iron Lady, Tyrannosaur, Hot Fuzz, Peep Show)

Jojo Williams was a crucial Head of Department for both Broadchurch and Broadchurch 2. She lead a superb team and worked with a large ensemble cast. The look of each character was carefully designed and chosen and each actor was made to feel comfortable with their make-up artist and their look for the series. She worked with prosthetics designers, wig-makers and other specialists to bring a contemporary feel, and a story in flash-back to life with tight deadlines and a very demanding schedule. She would be my go-to make-up designer for any future production.

Richard Stokes - Producer
Producer - Broadchurch BAFTA winner and BBC Undercover

I have known Jo for over 15 years, and during that time we have worked together on numerous occasions. She's a very easy going lady, always professional and organised, and maintains a high standard when it comes to her work. Qualities that I greatly admire. She's also confident working with ethnic skin, which always puts me at ease.

After knowing Jo for all this time, I can honestly say that apart from her talent (and excellent taste in music!) she's most definitely proved to be a very trustworthy person, so much so that I now class her as a good friend.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a personal make up artist without a doubt.

Trevor Nelson
(Radio DJ and TV Presenter)

Jude Liknaitzky (exec producer) and I loved working with Jojo on our Award winning show "Doctor Foster" The show is contemporary and domestic, but we did not want it to feel bland or unremarkable. Jojo nailed it - everyone looked great but not over-styled, very specific and very real. She was a brilliant collaborator, articulate, super organised,friendly and the actors absolutely loved her.

Roanna Benn
Managing Director of Drama Republic - Honourable Woman, Dr Foster, Mad Fat Diary

JoJo has that special gift of seeming calm under pressure, cheerful when exhausted, and always engaged with the story. She is wonderful with the actors who are lucky enough to sit in her chair first thing in the morning. And for directors and producers she offers ideas and solutions, in the least grand of ways, throughout production. Her passion is her work, and it shows.


Tim Bricknell
Film and TV Producer - (No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, The Fear, From There to Here)

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jo Jo on The Level for ITV. I was so happy with my hair and makeup .  

JoJo also has a real ability to listen and bring about what you want to show in the character ... with subtle changes where necessary from day to day . She also has the most caring nature . When I left the makeup trailor I felt totally equipped for the day . Not to mention the face massage at the end ... Even though she had been working such long hours !!!

Great makeup . Great woman

Amanda Burton
(The Level , Silent Witness)

I worked with Jo on 'The Level' for ITV. I am always nervous when it comes to discussing a 'look' for a character- In the past I've been coerced into 'manageable' western hairstyles by producers and designers because they have no knowledge of Afro hair. I needn't have worried with Jo. Her first question was 'what do YOU want?' -which was incredibly liberating. When I said I wanted to keep my Afro she wholeheartedly agreed and supported me- and we worked out a style which served the character and kept my hair both healthy and natural. The relationship between a actor and their make up artist is important. They are the first person you see in the morning- the one who smears your face with mud and blood and bravely whips out the occasional eye bogey. Jojo is welcome to put her hands all over my face whenever she likes. She made sure the make up truck was always stocked with my favourite tea, she gave me lucozade on many a night shoot and played my favourite songs on to cheer me up in the morning. She is now a very close friend indeed and wherever possible I will request to work with her again.

Karla Crome
(The Level)

I absolutely loved working with Jojo on the “Level” an ITV drama  series. She is a very talented and professional make up artist full of fun but always aware of everyones needs around her. With her lovely team she created a wonderful calm and happy atmosphere on the make up truck, great music, beautiful smells and the odd face massage! I really hope I get to work with her and her team again.

Lindsey Coulson
(The Level, Eastenders)

My name is Cecilia Noble and I have been in the business for sometime now working in theatre, television, and film. As a black actress for me there is always a certain amount of anxiety when I sit in a makeup chair. Will the make-up artist have been trained in black skin? Has she worked with locks before? I don't want to offend her but if it's not right I will have to say something. I always carry my own fountain and powder in my bag as I have experienced some makeup artist's not even having my tones .
It was my absolute delight to have recently worried with Jo Jo on the new BBC1 Drama "Undercover"
The fact that she requested a make-up test before filming commenced was a big indication into the level of professionalism I was about to experience.
She made feel at ease straight away as she created a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the trailer. Jojo then proceeded to continue to treat me as an individual and I felt like she was really excited by my skin and the challenges my character brought in the production. I never felt like I was a problem that she had to solve, as my character has to age 20 years . Never before had I seen a makeup artist use more than one foundation on my skin with relish and skill . She is rare find for me . So much so, that I asked her if she would do my makeup privately for award ceremonies as well . A true artist and a lovely person. Jo Jo has ended me ever to carry my own makeup to sets again.

Cecilia Noble
Multi award winning actress and Voice Artist - Lady in The Van, Danny and the Human Zoo, Undercover
I worked with Jo on the feature film "The Fold", for which she did both my hair and makeup. It was a real pleasure to work with her. She has a fun and relaxed attitude towards her job which makes her a very easy person to work with. From experience, I could not fault her skill, and she took all the creative challenges of the shoot completely in her stride. She was very considerate of my preferences and made me feel comfortable and at ease with everything that she was doing. She was organised and professional for the entirety of the shoot and maintained a helpful and friendly manner, despite often working in less than desirable conditions. I would love to work with Jo again and would highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for somebody with a real talent in the field, who will be not only a strong colleague but a good friend.
Dakota Blue Richards
(The Golden Compass, The Secret of Moonacre, Skins, Lightfields)

In amongst all the chaos of making films and telly, it's always wonderful having Jo on side. Between the chats, the facials, make up and beard trimming (if your day is really stressy) .... she is a really calming person to have around. She is a patient listener, and always the consummate professional. I also couldn't do without her tune selection, we made the most excellent playlist. Can't wait to work with her again! Good egg!

Adeel Akhtar
(Utopia, Four Lions, The Dictator)

It has been absolutely brilliant working with Jo. Broadchurch is the first project we have done together and I certainly hope it isn't the last. The whole process felt collaborative. Jo has such an amazing eye for detail, which immediately relaxes you as an actor. I felt in very safe hands! Her work is and looks fantastic.

Jodie Whittaker
(Broadchurch, Attack The Block, Black Mirror, One Day)

Jo was absolutely wonderful to work with, her design work is exceptional, she really understood the characters, but also the overall tone of the piece and how the makeup needed to reflect that. She even managed to keep everyone's spirits up during a long run of night shoots, with her fun demeanour and supply of tasty snacks!!


Jo worked as our make-up artist on the low-budget feature film Flying Blind.  The schedule was very demanding and all the shooting was location-based so we had a lot of unit moves to cope with.   Jo worked in a small team of only 2 people, so she definitely had her work cut out.  I found her to be committed, reliable, enthusiastic and good-humoured - and she delivered a really good make-up look for all the actors she worked with.  I would thoroughly recommend her.

Alison Sterling
Producer "Flying Blind" - Feature Film

My name is Manuela Kamosi. I've been involved with a project named Technotronic (Pump up the jam) since 1989.

I had the pleasure of working with Jo Williams in 2009/2010, in preperation for a series of "Technotronic" performances, on our world tour.

I have observed that she is a thoroughly professional lady.

I would also like to mention that Jo-Jo is one of the most gracious and pleasant persons that I've had the chance to meet in recent years.

Its hard finding people you can trust in this business, but she is definately one of them. I would recommend Jo-Jo any day of the week! She was not only our make up artist but a good friend.

Manuela B. Kamosi Moaso D.